Church Productions

Due to the high influence of the secular world in regards to the misuse of talents majority of the Christian talented youths no longer have a platform for their now wasted talents and broken dreams in our African societies. For the estimated 36.35 million people in Uganda (World Bank 2012), this fact is all too real. The majority of individuals defined as those with wasted talents and broken dreams in Uganda are the young people representing the fastest-growing segment of the population. These circumstances lead to frustration and disillusionment amongst most of them.

TALENT316 is ready to inspire and empower the youths to seize the emerging opportunities and overcome current barriers to fulfillment of their dreams and exploitation of their talents, thus by changing the perspective of individuals to see young people as assets, driving them to recognize their talents and raise their service to God the Almighty.

Our efforts and contribution is geared towards supporting emerging talents and those existing among the youths in churches, christian high schools, forgotten communities and any other communities that will welcome us.


Find out more about church productions at GABA COMMUNITY CHURCH

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